OV Loop is a private wallet and messenger, with personalized rewards and engagement for brands and people to build more direct relationships. 

Our mission is to facilitate more seamless and trusted commerce relationships between brands and people. We offer an omnichannel engagement and loyalty platform that does not require any POS changes and is tied to peoples’ private wallet and messenger app.  

Our founders and team have been advancing commerce for more than two decades, and we are here to solve fragmented and high-friction commerce interactions that result in fraud and poor customer experiences.  

For Brands

Improve customer experience, loyalty, and long-term customer value by delivering a new level of commerce experience via your own VIP Loop.

This omni-channel, 1-tap payment, loyalty and engagement tool helps you better convert and retain customers without changes to your point-of-sale system.

OV helps brands drive more sales and loyalty in your community with an omnichannel 1-tap-pay, rewards and engagement tool, via customers’ private universal wallets.

For people

The OV Loop app is a private vault and wallet for you to store and manage your private information including payment cards, bank accounts, memberships, IDs and even passwords and crypto keys. The optional OV Cash card shields your banking and debit account numbers from merchants, making it safe to use anywhere, and you’ll have the ability to opt in to special offers and rewards from our growing list of merchants.