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Join us in building the community empowered Super-App!

OV Loop provides safer and smoother commerce experiences for consumers and businesses. Today’s high spam, low privacy digital ‘attention economy’ is taking its toll. Businesses are facing higher customer acquisition costs, increasing fraud, and lower retention. Consumers are feeling exploited by incessant spam and frustrated by poor customer support, cumbersome checkouts, and clumsy reward systems. At OV Loop, we’re fixing this, with our patented universal 1-tap commerce experiences to empower brands and people to build sustainable trusted commerce communities.

We were founded by the proven fintech innovators that started Samsung Pay®, LoopPay®, Roam Data®, and Hypercom®, whose payment inventions are already being used by hundreds of millions of consumers and tens of millions of merchants around the world.

Center on LOVE / Build Trust

LOVE is a sense of purpose for something greater than “self”, a force for growth, collaboration, community…  The flip side of LOVE (EVOL), is a sense of purpose for only self, thus naturally selfish, greedy, arrogant, jealous, prejudiced, hateful, fearful… EGO centered.  The EGO wants to “be right” rather than “do right”.

When we take control of our emotional radio and tune them to the frequency of LOVE, and turn up the volume/passion, we naturally do good, grow, improve, and positively affect the world around us. The opposite is also true when we center on EGO. 

When more of us practice the art of centering on LOVE, through conscious thoughts and action – meditation, prayer, sleep, diet, exercise – the world can become a better place. Focus on relationships and the strengths of each other in the group.  Giving Trust is Giving Love.  OV Loop’s mission is to help build trusted communities center on LOVE.

OV and Sustainability

We care about the earth. Our solutions help reduce the carbon footprint of our customers, while reducing waste across consumer households.


More than 4 billion pounds of credit card correspondence are mailed every year in the U.S.  With our digital wallet and digital cards, mailed credit card offers and cards can be a thing of the past.


OV Loop employees appreciate a combination of on-site and remote work, with more than 75% of our development teams working from their homes, and a business team that conducts many meetings via Zoom across all of our locations.


From used/repurposed furniture, to permanent coffee filters and ceramic mugs; from paperwork reduction to recycling; from carpooling to our choice of office location, we are making a difference.

At OV Loop, we are making smart choices, and we will continue to improve.