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Our founders and executive team are successful, serial innovators

Will Graylin


Will is a successful, serial entrepreneur who has started six companies since obtaining two Masters degrees from MIT. OV Loop is his fourth mobile payment startup. The three prior were LoopPay (Sold to Samsung and now SamsungPay®), Way Systems (sold to Verifone®), and ROAM Data (sold to Ingenico®). 

Will’s companies have won numerous innovation awards in the payments industry.  Will has been widely recognized for his thought leadership in payments, and is a regular speaker at key technology, banking and consumer experience conferences and events.  

Prior to his business career, Will served as a US Navy Nuclear Submarine Officer for nearly 6 years, and was the first naturalized China born immigrant to serve in the program.

Meet the Team

Dan Kaminski

Chief Investment Officer

John Frontz headshot

John Frontz

Chief Financial Officer

Marg Bouse headshot

Margaret Bouse

Senior Vice President of Market Dev / Chief of Staff

Igor Kogan headshot

Igor Kogan

Vice President of Operations

Adam Finke headshot

Adam Finke

Head of Product

Investor Inquiries

OV Loop, Inc. is interested in engaging with accredited investors and venture firms. Please contact us.