Create your own commerce community and VIP Loop

OV offers you an easy way to create your own commerce community with our omni-channel 1-tap payment, loyalty and engagement tools that can be mixed and matched to address your unique needs for increasing sales and growing your business.

  • OV Concierge: Easy, 1-tap checkout with built-in payments and rewards. All OV solutions provided as a platform.
  • OV Offers: 3-in-1 commerce messages that are interactive with product information, access to live chat and in-experience payments that reduce friction and increase conversions.
  • OV Rewards: 1-tap pay, earn and burn rewards, in store and online with no changes to your point of sale or ecommerce systems required.
  • OV Chat: Chat support that 1-tap or handsfree, integrated into your commerce experiences or to engage your customers for sales, support, collections, or service.
  • OV Valet: You can self-brand the OV Valet payment fob to offer as a premium accessory for in-store payments for members of your community integrated into offers and payments.
  • Coming soon: buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) payment options.

Once inside your community, users have multiple super-app experiences available to them including:

  • A digital container to securely store their payment credentials, memberships, and IDs.
  • A lockbox with private encryption to store any secret information like passwords, crypto keys, pass phrases, or other sensitive data.
  • A way to initiate chats directly with your team for sales and support needs.
  • … and more

Coming soon: You will be able to offer your community special notices and incentives directly inside of the app.


Find out more about how you can create better checkout, loyalty and rewards experiences with no changes to your ecommerce site or point-of-sale-system.

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