Engage with your customers and prospects from any channel, with a combination of voice+text messages and the ability to send offers or collection requests

Engage with your customers how and when they need you, from wherever they are.

The OV Chat™ solution enables your CSRs to become concierge agents to better service, engage and transact with your customers. 

Customer service requests originating from your existing business channels (IVR, calls, emails, web/app chats, etc.) are converted into OV text+voice messages with the following benefits:

No-hold customer service: A frustration-free interaction is simply a simultaneous text+voice message away, where your CSRs reply to a customer query or comment once they have an answer rather than keeping customers on hold.

Handsfree mode: Every CSR response is sent via the app with a notification, but for an extra level of convenience, customers can opt for handsfree mode and then hear and read the response immediately when sent by the CSR.

Ongoing customer engagement: You can also leverage our commerce tools for better ongoing service, engagement and transactions. At all times, regardless of CSR, a complete history of prior interactions is available through the interface.

Multi-media friendly: In addition to voice and text, the Concierge interface includes the ability for your CSR to send images, video and links for enhanced customer experiences in service, sales, marketing and support transactions.

Operational benefits include:

  • Speed: Customers can reach live customer service agents 10 times faster than calls
  • Efficiency: The interface enables 3 times more concurrent conversations than calls, without a loss in the quality of the conversations
  • Convenience: Customers are able to message the CSRs 5 times faster than traditional texting by simply speaking