Increase Sales from Any Channel with In-Experience Checkout and Wallet

The Problem:

If you are like most businesses today, you still use a variety of disjointed systems and channels to promote products, make special offers, create loyalty, and grow your customer base.

And while your team has enhanced their web promotion, CRM, and social reach… the fact remains that creating the end-user experience that keeps customers coming back time and time again remains overwhelming and out of reach.

OV Offers Is the Solution!

You can build a growing community of engaged customers while upgrading your overall customer experience!

Maximizing customer lifetime value is an imperative, and ensuring your growth engine both entices new customers and enhances the relationship with existing ones is key.

Assisted service and simple checkout are built right into the promotional message, and a built-in loyalty program prompts customers to return again and again. Build a community of repeat customers the fastest and easiest way.

What is OV Offers?

OV Offers is a powerful 1-tap solution that simplifies and enhances your ecommerce experiences from any channel and any customer-facing organization including:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Support
  • Customer Service
  • Social Media
  • Billing
  • Collections
It reduces payment friction and increases revenues and collections.

Your teams can create a Commerce Message in a few easy steps, then send it through any digital channel. The integrated offer combines product details, built-in chat mode, and in-message check-out! Customers simply click the “Pay Now” button for a lightweight payment experience.

The message includes:

  • A payment button
  • Invoice or product details
  • An optional link to live chat with your sales or service team

These commerce messages can be sent from your existing channels including support chat, text, email, direct message, social media, and more. Any touchpoint with a customer can be transformed into an opportunity to sell.

You could be making more sales and converting more traffic now!

Let us show you how.