More Firepower with Massive Savings

Earn massive cashback rewards for any firearms purchases you make


Massive Cash-Back

 Earn huge cash-back rewards with every firearms purchase you make

 Earn-and-burn! Any cashback earned is automatically applied on next eligible purchase


Shielded Transactions


 Every purchase is shielded from banks and credit card companies – they only see cash withdrawals

Your data will never be sold to third parties without your consent including financial institutions

Support Freedom

  Purchasing with OV Loop saves firearms merchants 50% compared to Visa/Mastercard

   Help firearms merchants stay in business and keep America free


How It Works

Step 1

Join the waitlist to download the app to your IOS or Android device.

Step 2

Sign up for the OV virtual cashcard and fund your account.

Step 3

Purchase firearms and earn massive cash-back rewards with complete privacy. Cash-back rewards are automatically applied to your next purchase.

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