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In today’s highly competitive financial landscape, Banks and Financial Institutions face challenges in differentiating their offerings, enhancing customer engagement, and maintaining direct relationships with their customers. Big tech walled gardens have disrupted the direct connection between banks, merchants, and consumers, limiting consumer choice and making it difficult for banks to maintain direct relationships with their customers. OV Loop steps in to address these challenges by providing a seamless, rewarding, and secure solution that benefits all parties involved.

OV Loop’s Mission:

Our mission is to facilitate direct, frictionless, and rewarding relationships between people and brands while rebuilding communities. Our suite of products not only addresses the pain points of each stakeholder group but also provides numerous benefits, such as increased control over personal data and identity, personalized 1-tap-pay rewards and engagement across channels, and the ability to establish a prominent position in customers’ private super-apps, at scale.

The OV Solution for Banks and Financial Institutions:

OV Loop’s solutions address the pain points of the highly competitive market, limited differentiation, and lack of customer engagement. By offering merchant-funded rewards tied to issuer tokens, without requiring POS changes with OV Rewards and enabling financial institutions to maintain their direct relationship with customers with their suite of products, banks, and financial institutions can differentiate themselves from competitors, establish deeper relationships with their customers, and provide a better customer experience. 

Building and Maintaining Direct Relationships

OV Loop reintermediates the relationship between banks and consumers/end-users, as it does not control the customer relationship or data, unlike big tech companies that insert an experiential and data layer between banks and consumers, reducing opportunities for experiential connections.

Establishing pole position at the top of the wallet/front of the mall inside the super app will also lead to increased customer loyalty and lifetime value.

Key Offerings: 

  • OV Wallet: A private, self-custody wallet for cardholders to store cards, IDs, passwords, and NFTs.
  • OV Rewards: Personalized 1-tap-pay rewards across channels, without POS change.
  • OV Offers: Omnichannel offers with 1-tap checkout and rewards, without POS change.
  • OV Chat: Bidirectional multimode chat for support, bill pay, and offers.
  • OV Pay: Faster, safer checkout in OV Offers and OV Chat with OV Rewards.
  • OV Valet: A connected super-card for 1-tap pay, plus track phone and keys.

Unique Features and Integration

OV Loop offers crypto-era security for end-users’ personal data and does not require banks’ merchants to make any POS changes. The OV solution does not require integration and runs as a layer above existing architectures, in parallel or in addition to any other services provided by the bank and your merchant service providers.

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By adopting OV Loop, Banks and Financial Institutions can differentiate their offerings, enhance customer engagement, and maintain direct relationships with their customers. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your financial services – contact us today!


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