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In a world where digital transformation is reshaping commerce, the market has become highly fragmented, making it challenging for banks, businesses, and consumers to connect. With big tech wallets and walled gardens disrupting the direct connection between banks, merchants, and consumers, OV Loop steps in to bridge the gap by providing a seamless, rewarding, and secure solution that benefits all parties.

OV Loop’s Mission:

Our mission is to facilitate direct, frictionless, and rewarding relationships between people and brands while rebuilding communities. Our suite of products not only addresses the pain points of each stakeholder group but also provides numerous benefits, such as increased control over personal data and identity, personalized 1-tap-pay rewards and engagement across channels, and the ability to establish a prominent position in customers’ private super-apps, at scale.

The OV Solution:

OV Loop is leading the way with a suite of products that empower brands, MSPs, and financial institutions to build deeper relationships and loyalty. Our innovative solutions work across all channels and devices, in-store and online, without requiring any point-of-sale (POS) or e-commerce changes.

Key Offerings:

  • OV Wallet: A private, self-custody wallet for cardholders to store cards, IDs, passwords, and NFTs.
  • OV Rewards: Personalized 1-tap-pay rewards across channels, without POS change.
  • OV Offers: Omnichannel offers with 1-tap checkout and rewards, without POS change.
  • OV Chat: Bidirectional multimode chat for support, bill pay, and offers.
  • OV Pay: Faster, safer checkout in OV Offers and OV Chat with OV Rewards.
  • OV Valet: A connected super-card for 1-tap pay, plus track phone and keys.

Why MSPs Should Partner with OV Loop

Drive Business Results

By reselling OV Loop’s platform, MSPs can tap into new revenue streams and enjoy better business results. Our solutions address the pain points of winning and retaining merchants, competition from other providers, and lack of differentiation in services offered.

Enhance Customer Stickiness

Offer your clients integrated engagement, rewards, and payments without requiring POS changes with OV Rewards, omnichannel offers with 1-tap checkout and rewards with OV Offers, and a bidirectional multimode chat with OV Chat. This comprehensive suite of solutions will not only help you increase revenue but also lead to greater customer stickiness.

Empower Merchants and Brands

Help merchants and brands stand out in a highly competitive marketplace, establish direct relationships with customers, offer personalized experiences, and foster customer loyalty. By providing personalized 1-tap-pay rewards and engagement across channels with OV Rewards and omnichannel offers with 1-tap checkout and rewards with OV Offers, merchants can incentivize repeat purchases, increase customer lifetime value, and boost brand exposure and customer engagement, potentially leading to higher sales and revenue.

Partner with OV Loop Today

By partnering with OV Loop, MSPs, banks, financial institutions, and other stakeholders in the value chain can differentiate themselves from competitors, establish deeper relationships with their customers, and provide a better customer experience. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your business – contact us today!


Find out more about how you can create better checkout, loyalty and rewards experiences with no changes to your customers' ecommerce sites or point-of-sale-systems.

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