Premium Sound and Voice Controls - Everywhere

OV Pro Smart Headphones

Premium Sound and Voice Controls – Everywhere

OV Pro is the world’s first premium headset with the combination of integrated handsfree voice-commands, superior acoustics, excellent noise cancellation and ambient sound controls. The virtually weightless design with extra-long battery life means you can use the OV Pro virtually everywhere you want a premium sound experience.

Built for Work

  • Amazing sound for calls and messaging, plus voice-powered commands help you get more business done, faster and easier
  • Use handsfree with your favorite communication apps and virtual assistants (Alexa, Google, and Siri)
  • Ideal for virtual meetings and conferences, with premium noise cancellation and ambient controls
  • Lightweight design is virtually weightless for all-day wear
  • Private neckband vibration notifications are perfect any time you are in a meeting, classroom, or loud environment
  • Up to 14 hour battery life for continuous use, with all-day comfort
  • All functions are controlled directly on the neckband without having to fumble for your phone

In addition to creating an immersive listening experience, the OV Pro headphones work great with the OV Loop App. You can send 1-tap or hands-free chat messages on the go, in your car, while running, or at any time you want to live a digital-first lifestyle.

Built for Play

  • Premium sound on the go, during workouts, or virtually everywhere
  • Finely tuned audio drivers with delicate highs, clear mid-range and rich bass ensure clear and powerful listening experiences
  • Block unwanted noise and/or hear ambient sounds with easy controls without having to remove your earbuds
  • Earbud magnets keep your cords tangle-free
  • Ambient and chat modes allow you to jump into a conversation without removing your earbuds
  • Choices in finish ensure coordination with your phone and your aesthetic.

Amazing Reviews

OV Pro makes life simpler, easier and safer.


Charge your headset with the supplied cable


Pair your headset with your phone or any Bluetooth device with sound


Enjoy handsfree messaging and sound experiences with the optional OV Loop app.

Special Features

Block unwanted noise, easy call pick up, message, and voice control.

A simple button press from the neckband lets you mute yourself while on phone calls.

Control virtual assistants by your voice – Siri, Google, Alexa and OV Chat.

Mics located externally on in each earbud let’s you hear the sound around you.

Block unwanted noise, easy call pick up, message, and voice control.

Lithium-ion battery designed to last you through your work day and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Easily pair your headset.  Make sure your headset is on then pair through the Bluetooth settings in your phone.

Press the right button on the neckband.

Wake words are dependent on what device you are connect to.  Example - "Alexa" or "Siri" or "Hey Google"

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