What do the different LED colors mean?

There are different LEDs for the Valet depending on what you are doing with it:


  • Blinking Red
    • The battery is low
  • “Amber” (Half Red, Half Green)
    • The battery is approximately at half-charge
  • Blinking Green
    • The battery is mostly charged
  • Solid Green (Turns Off After 5 Minutes)
    • The battery has been fully charged


  • Blinking Red
    • Low Battery
    • No card has been loaded onto the Valet
    • Payment Error / Payment Already In Progress
    • Card Error (Expired, Not Activated, Valet Requires Update With phone)
  • Pulsing Green
    • Paying with Primacy Card
  • Pulsing Purple
    • Paying with Secondary Card

Other Operations

  • Cycling Red, Green, Blue
    • “Find My Phone” function has been activated
    • “Find My Valet” function has been activated
    • The Valet is rebooting
  • Blinking Blue
    • The Valet is in Bluetooth pairing mode
Last updated on July 26, 2022