What is the OV Cash Card?

The OV Cash Card is our next-generation, privacy rewards payment card utilized by our integrated rewards, payment systems, and OV Valet payment token technology.

The OV Cash Card has the following new features as compared to the OV Rewards MasterCard:

  • A General Purpose Reloadable Card (GPR Card), the OV Cash Card is FDIC insured and supports top-up via ACH transfer
  • Account linking via Plaid FinTech services for secure ACH transfers
  • In the future, the OV Cash Card will support direct-deposit

As with the OV Rewards MasterCard, the OV Cash Card works with our OV Rewards system, which is a growing network of rewards programs with stores and locations currently expanding in Massachusetts. The OV Cash Card supports all of the features of the OV Rewards MasterCard, so you are not losing out on anything by upgrading to our new card!

Last updated on August 30, 2022