Where can I use my OV Cash?

There are two kinds of OV Cash in our app: OV Rewards Brand Cash, and Open Cash.

OV Rewards Brand Cash

  • OV Rewards Brand Cash is exclusive to retailers you shop at that have are utilizing our OV Rewards technology – think of it like a rewards program anywhere else, but more private, immediate, and ultimately under your control
  • These funds cannot be used between retailers or other rewards programs, as they are brand specific loyalty rewards
  • These funds are automatically redeemed when making purchases with our partner brands using the OV Cash Card – whatever remains after rewards are spent is deducted from your Open Cash

OV Cash Card Open Cash

  • Open Cash are general use funds loaded onto the OV Cash Card via ACH transfer
  • Open Cash can be used anywhere, at any time, at locations that accept contactless payments via phone, or if you have an OV Valet token payment device
  • The OV Cash Card for general use can be added to Apple Pay, or used via Phone Pay in our app on Android devices with NFC support
  • Alternatively, you can load the OV Cash Card onto an OV Valet for contactless payments via MST and NFC technology at most retailers, regardless of whether or not they accept contactless transactions!
Last updated on August 30, 2022